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  • Screenshot from a Hillary Clinton campaign video that promotes her compassion for Latin American migrants.

    Screenshot from a Hillary Clinton campaign video that promotes her compassion for Latin American migrants. | Photo: America for Hillary

The #WhichHillary campaign draws attention to Clinton's wavering stance on immigration.

Hillary Clinton’s wavering stance on a number of prevalent issues in the U.S. and on a world stage has been brought up by many, and now social media users are taking to Twitter to question the Democratic Party's presidential candidate’s real beliefs with the hashtag #WhichHillary.

Perhaps one of her biggest contradictions occurred earlier in February when in a campaign video she clutched a distressed Latino child and tried to allay her fears of deportation. However, just 18 months ago, before she was in a closer-than-expected race for the presidency with Bernie Sanders, her tune was much less sympathetic.

“They should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who responsible adults in their families are," she said of children fleeing poverty and violence in Latin America. At the time, hundreds of unaccompanied minors were crossing the border every month and Clinton was decidedly less interested in assuaging their fears.

While at a campaign rally in South Carolina, Clinton was interrupted by two activists representing the Black Lives Matter movement who asked Clinton to apologize for labeling Black children "superpredators" in 1996 and for policies enacted during Bill Clinton’s presidency that led to increased mass incarceration of Blacks.

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Her previous positions on the African-American community in the U.S. contradict the image Clinton has tried to promote during her campaign through words of support for Black justice. The activists apparently view Clinton’s words as nothing more than a ploy to win the Black vote.

The sheer number of Americans involved in the #WhichHillary campaign on Twitter shows the electorate want their politicians to be truthful and have a core set of values which do not change with time or alter to keep up with her political competition, which in Clinton's case is the ever-stronger Bernie Sanders.


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