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According to a new report, Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip last month didn’t just target alleged Hamas members; it also targeted the territory’s already fragile economy.

NATO member states leaders are expected to gather in Brussels on Monday to approve a new strategy of the Atlantic alliance and discuss Russia, China, as well as alleged "threats" to the bloc in the coming decade.

While crying wolf about Iranian vessels allegedly supplying Venezuela with weapons, the U.S. military continues to send weapon packages to Ukraine, exacerbating a conflict in the autonomous regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, and increasing regional tensions.

The UN human rights chief warned that violence has been intensifying across Myanmar, saying the country’s military government is “singularly responsible” for a “human rights catastrophe."

In accordance with the provisions of the migratory agreements between the Republic of Cuba and the United States, the Coast Guard returned to Cuban authorities last Tuesday, through the Port of Orozco, in Mariel, Artemisa, a total of 82 people who had participated in eight illegal departures from the country between the end of May and June 3 by sea, most of them in rustic means.

This African country is determined to restore its depleted forest cover.

China has legislation to counter foreign sanctions, as it seeks to settle pressure from the United States and the European Union over trade, technology, and geopolitical disputes.

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