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The Empire is becoming thoroughly unpredictable. It is attacking on all fronts. It lost all its shame and decency.
Western media and NGO's collaborate more and more with self-evident but unacknowledged ideological bias.
How is it that Jose Mujica, an ex-guerrilla, can become president of a country while Mutulu Shakur continues to rot behind U.S. penitentiary walls?
In lashing out at his personal enemies with white-hot hate and bigotry, he enables his followers to act out their revenge fantasies.
Today, progressives throughout the world could learn many lessons from the July 26, 1953, Moncada attack led by Fidel Castro.
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Jose "Cha Cha" Jimenez, founder of the revived Young Lords in Chicago, told teleSUR that today's activists must study their history.
The U.S. is at war with the same extremist group it claimed to have defeated five years ago, and it’s relying on sectarian extremists to &quo...
In light of the Chilcot report released Wednesday, teleSUR re-publishes an interview with Arun Kundnani, one of the foremost critics of the war on ...
teleSUR spoke to David Cromwell and David Edwards, co-editors of Media Lens, about The Guardian and corporate media's bias against Labour party lea...
In an interview with teleSUR, Maria Galindo explains why she is one of Bolivia's most vocal opponents of the Catholic church.