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The Russian ministry representative cited the United States’ warmongering as "an act of overt aggression against a sovereign state.

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"In this tragic incident, 14 passengers were forced off the bus, they were lined up in a nearby open area and killed by the terrorists,” local official Jehangir Dashti stated.

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The increase in salary comes after unions went on strike last year to demand N50,000 (US$138) a month in the country where inflation was recorded at 11.25% in March.

The country was outraged after a mass killing of Fulani herders.

Bangladeshi girl was burned to death by schoolmates for complaining against a principal who sexually harassed her. 

Officials in Mexico are accusing four men of kidnapping and torturing journalist Lydia Cacho after she revealed a pedophile pornography network in 2005.

Mexico will "protect Mexican companies that do or have an interest in doing business with Cuba, and that could be affected," the government said.

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