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The United States has come under fire for the Trump administration's xenophobic policies on refugees and immigration.

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Indigenous leader Sonia Guajajara urged the EU to sanction Brazil to save Indigenous communities and the Amazon from President-elect Bolsonaro.

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This is not the happy, triumphant ending that generations of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have hoped and fought for over the years.

Airbnb recently announced it will not suspend listings in the Israeli-occupied West Bank settlements.

A Yemeni woman is prohibited from traveling to the United States to see her two-year-old boy dying from a brain disease due to the Trump travel ban. 

US diplomats and the Taliban will hold a meeting sponsored by Pakistan to talk about ways to end the war in Afghanistan.

The government of New Zealand will hold a referendum of the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana during the 2020 general elections. 

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