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Beginning Feb. 1, fully-vaccinated visitors could be able to enter Thailand without quarantine requirements. The move came amid the government's efforts to revive tourism and boost economic recovery.

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted that the buildup of Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine troops along the Union State's borders(Russia and Belarus) has forced the nations to respond.

Russia submitted most of the data that the World Health Organization (WHO) requested from the developers of the drug Sputnik V to obtain approval for the emergency use of the immunogen against the coronavirus, the Russian news agency Sputnik News reported.

They took stock of the multidimensional cooperation between the two countries, highlighting advances in the joint dialogue on issues related to economy, health, and security.

"Most of the health incidents reported could be explained by medical conditions such as undiagnosed illness or environmental factors,” the Central Intelligence Agency stated. 

Although Joe Biden made it clear that taming the spread of the virus is one of his priorities, the United States is still plagued with surging cases, a source of frustration for the President.

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