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Argentine authorities are seeking the dismissal of two justices who ruled against layoffs, which are an integral part of IMF-backed austerity policies.

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Before government officials, business and worker leaders, Mexico's President Lopez Obrador announced a 16% wage increase to take effect Jan. 1.

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Maduro reported that the militia now accounted for 1.6 million citizens across the territory.

If proved guilty, El Salvador’s harsh anti-abortion laws would have sentenced Imelda Cortez to 20 years in prison.

As antibiotics are overused both in people and to prevent disease in livestock, the fear is that bacteria will develop resistance to all available treatments for when they are truly needed.

The Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) tells president-elect Bolsonaro he needs to respect the Constitution, rejecting his statement that they are 'zoo animals'.

Over 80 Indigenous communities in Mexico's Yucatan say the president is creating a 'false narrative' that they approve of and identify with the 1,500km Mayan Train.

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