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President of PDVSA says the government is investigating the 'sabotage against the people' of Venezuela.

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The massive plane 'practically creates a torrential rain in the area that is burning,' says minister of the presidency who adds, 'this is the second successful operation.'

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President Mauricio Macri said the IMF would come next week, but fund officials are making a weekend visit to the nation that has a $US56.7 billion loan, and can't get out of debt.

Scientist in Panama say commericial fishing is killing pregnant sharks and newborns off the coast, and they're trying to find solutions to reduce the indices.    

To date, 147 protection proceedings have been filed aimed at the cancellation of the new airport project.

The historic trade agreement was signed by participating nations on Friday, and some EU nations used the chance to call out Brazil's Bolsonaro for letting the Amazon to burn. 

Seven of every 10 people in the Americas is at risk of contracting dengue, a disease that this year has infected more than 2 million people in the region.

The Venezuela president says the #NoMoreTrump (#NoMasTrump) petition is halfway to its goal of 10 million signatures that will be sent to the U.N. general secretary next month.

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