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Prosecutors want to ensure Kuczynski is in Peru while they investigate payments his consulting firm received from Odebrecht. Full Story

Gabriela Castellanos, director of the Honduran National Council of Anti-corruption (CNA):  the law reform, "gives more strength to impunity" in Honduras. Full Story

The Guatemalan government removed 11 investigators from its international anti-corruption commission disrupting several cases against high-ranking government officials, including President Morales and his family. 
The report, titled “Simulated democracy, nothing to applaud,” found that half of the attacks registered against journalists were carried out by Mexican state officials.
Nicolas Maduro said he still planned to attend the multi-national event, “Rain, shine...I will arrive with the truth of the country of Simon Bolivar.”
Peru's Congress is taking steps to impeach five senators, including Kenji Fujimori, in light of the videos showing Kenji and Kuczynksi lawyers trying to buy the vote of a fellow legislator to not impeach the president last December.