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It was the first major poll since candidacies were officially registered last week, but it did not provide results for the likely scenario of a race without Lula. Full Story

Peru's congress will debate on Tuesday president Martin Vizcarra's proposal to let the public decide whether or not to split Congress.   Full Story

Over 100 employees at two state-run Military Industries plants were let go within a week. Union leaders sense the government is trying to sell off the 77-year-old company.
The military command said 4,200 soldiers, backed by armored vehicles and aircraft, entered the Alemao and Mare favela complexes — poor, densely populated swaths of city .
"I do want to do the tax reform that allows us to lower taxes so that this economy recovers," said the then-presidential candidate Ivan Duque on May 15.
In a statement, the groups said that during the Jimmy Morales government the criminalization of social leaders who defend their land and resources has been expanded.
The new Venezuelan currency has five fewer zeros compared to the Bolivar, which will coexist for retail operations or smaller amount.
Argentine sports reporters and advocates are uniting under #PeriodistasUnidas to expose rampant sexual harassment female sports anchors face on the job.