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The research team set out to understand and map where nature contributes the most to people's lives, and how many people might be impacted by climate change and changes in the way fossil fuels are used: African and South Asian nations most affected regions

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Researchers say that the temperature increase in the regional waters has been constant, increasing the vulnerability of these ecosystems over the past 3 decades.

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Thousands of people die every year in Africa due to Malaria. Gene drive is the newest effort to stop it

New York's Education department admitted that students from public schools that want to participate in next Friday´s demonstrations against climate change can do it and justify the absence under that reason.

The UN Secretary-General exhorted the world to celebrate and work to preserve the positive results after 32 years of the Montreal Protocol.

Since 1992, thousands of planets orbiting distant stars worlds, with confirmed water, were uninhabitable till now.

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