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The delicate flower was nestled in an area of the Tingo María National Park called the “Throat of Sleeping Beauty.” Full Story

The UN senior official, who traveled to the epicenters of the outbreak in Beni and Mangina in recent days, said he had been very worried before his visit, but that after the visit "I am actually more worried." Full Story

Pinpointing the brain regions involved in optimism and positive thinking about the future, the researchers said, may also have shed light on what might be going wrong in people with depression.
In a sign of growing public awareness of the problem, France is among several countries hit recently by a wave of "plastic attacks" — where shoppers dump all the packaging of their purchases outside stores.
The meteor shower, also known as 'The Tears of St. Lawrence,' will reach its peak this weekend on August 11.
"The coolest, hottest mission, baby, that's what it is," said Project Scientist Nicola Fox, of John Hopkins University.
Facebook has yet to respond to the website's management about why the page was taken off the social media site. 
Caribbean States leaders are asking the Trump administration to rejoin the landmark Paris climate deal signed in 2015, from which the U.S. withdraw in June 2017.