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Matthew McLaughlin seeks to become a professional pitcher in the Cuban National Series.

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Williams, 37, said she rarely came across black dolls when she was growing up and wanted to make sure her baby had one.

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Two Muslim asylum-seekers - Jallow Buba, a 20-year-old Gambian and Anszou Cisse, a 19-year-old Senegalese - who are registered as honorary members are among the Vatican's team.

Madrid's leftist mayor Manuela Carmena ended the tradition in the Spanish capital in 2016 and the city now employs a black man to play the role in its Epiphany parade, which is broadcast live across the country.

Palestine was admitted to FIFA in 1998 before qualifying for their first Asian Cup in 2015.

Ribery responded to violent criticisms of the way he allegedly spent his wage on a gold-coated steak, which he had actually been invited to.

The Asian Cup 2019 started Saturday and the Palestine national team hopes to be the surprise of the tournament.

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