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  • Ecuadoreans from across the country gathered in Quito Saturday to celebrate the victory of President-elect Lenin Moreno.

    Ecuadoreans from across the country gathered in Quito Saturday to celebrate the victory of President-elect Lenin Moreno. | Photo: Ofelia Carrillo

The socialism of the 21st Century of the Citizens' Revolution in Ecuador prevailed over a potential return to neoliberalism.

Ecuadoreans are gathering to celebrate peace, democracy and the continuation of the country’s Citizens' Revolution under the ruling Alianza PAIS party. Incoming President Lenin Moreno and Vice President Jorge Glas are set to join outgoing president Rafael Correa for the event in Quito.

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Outside Alianza Pais’ headquarters in central north Quito, supporters have been amassing since early Saturday morning at the Tribuna de los Shyris -- one of the capital city's biggest avenues. A stage and food stalls have been set up lining the street and the event is set to feature music and addresses from the party promoting peace, democracy, and solidarity.

Paul Reyes, from Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, is celebrating the revolutionary continuity that the election has brought.
“My expectations for our new president, Lenin Moreno, is to continue with social inclusion, with the revolution, to help the most needy which are the people with disabilities, and to help the poorest that need the most,” Reyes told teleSUR. “This is why we young people will continue this fight, pushing and supporting the revolutionary process with Lenin Moreno.”

“United for Ecuador,” “Together for Ecuador in Peace and in Democracy,” posters at the gathering read, where supporters from across the country are expected to meet.

“I appeal to the vast majority of patriots, right or left, whether or not with the government, because this cause is called Ecuador and we can not allow people with a lot of money and lack of scruples want to buy our democracy based on their whims and do not accept the overwhelming election,” Glas said in a radio interview.

Carmen Escot, a migrant returnee from the Manabi region who now lives in Quito and is participating in the festivities, told teleSUR: “We were here supporting (Alianza Pais/Lenin) during the campaign against the Feriado Bancario and the consequence of migration for many families. For us, the response from the people has been beautiful -- to elect Lenin as our president, to attain a coherent government, and a revolutionary government.”

The event may be outgoing president Rafael Correa’s last public event as leader. Moreno, who previously served under Correa's government, will take over the presidency on May 24.

“For the whole country, with flags of Ecuador, to the Tribuna de los Shyris to say enough of the sore loser, they will not succeed. Ecuador more united than ever, to defend democracy, to defend our institutions," Correa said. 

After falling just short of the 40 percent required to win the first round of elections on Feb. 19, Moreno won victory over right-wing former banker Guillermo Lasso in a second round on April 2.

After two recounts by the National Electoral Council, CNE,  Moreno has been confirmed as president-elect. The right-wing opposition have cried fraud and voting irregularities, but the CNE along with international observers have hailed the election as transparent, while foreign governments have also congratulated Alianza PAIS for the victory.


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