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    The message follows the president's decision to reshuffle the leadership of PDVSA. | Photo: @VTVcanal8

Published 1 December 2017

The move comes as Maduro announces an overhaul of PDVSA to end corruption and turn it into a productive company at the service of the Venezuelan people.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has extended his thanks to the governing United Socialist Party (PSUV) for joining the fight against corruption in the country and supporting both the government and the Public Ministry.

The president's tweet included a link to the party's communique.

"Thanks to the PSUV Party for supporting with determination in this great battle for revolutionary ethics... all the battle units of Bolivar-Chavez must read, debate and spread this message with discipline... United we are invincible..." reads his Twitter post.

More Venezuelan Oil Company Officials Arrested for Corruption

The message follows the president's decision to reshuffle the leadership of the state-owned company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and its subsidiary Citgo, in the United States, after Venezuela's Public Ministry ordered numerous arrests for irregularities.

He later denounced the White House for being behind a "silent stoppage" of the oil industry, executed with the complicity of the mafias within PDVSA.

PDVSA is responsible for 90 percent of the Latin American nation's income. Current production rates stand at 1.9 million barrels, the lowest level in decades.

Maduro recently appointed as vice president of PDVSA the lawyer and political scientist Ysmel Serrano. The new president of the company, meanwhile, is Manuel Quevedo.

While taking the oath, Quevedo said corruption within PDVSA had partially sabotaged the business, but plans to restructure the company are underway on both the administrative and operative levels.

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