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  • Pablo Iglesias (L), Podemos

    Pablo Iglesias (L), Podemos' leader, and Manuela Carmena (R), mayor candidate for Madrid. | Photo: EFE

Published 27 May 2015

The current governing right-wing PP party failed in its attempt to block the left-wing coalition.

The left-wing candidate Manuela Carmena will likely become the next mayor of Madrid, after Socialist Party (PSOE) denied Wednesday rumors of a deal between them and the governing right-wing Popular Party (PP).

After Sunday's elections, where the left-wing coalition Ahora (Now) Madrid – made up by Podemos (We Can) and Ganemos (Let’s Win), two new left-wing parties – won 21 council seats, one more than PP.

Ahora Madrid requires 29 council members to obtain a mayority, while PSOE obtained nine seats on Sunday.

On Monday, Carmena announced that she had spoken over the phone with Antonio Miguel Carmona, mayoral candidate of PSOE in Madrid, who had guaranteed his party would ally itself with Ahora Madrid, paving the way for Carmena to become the new mayor.

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However, the candidate of the PP party, Esperanza Aguirre, has gone through lengths to stop the coalition from happening.

Aguirre called on PSOE and the predominantly conservative Ciudadanos (Citizens) minority party to join forces with PP and stop Podemos, which she described as “radical left.”

According to several sources, Aguirre then offered Carmona – PSOE's candidate – the post of mayor of Madrid in exchange for his support. The socialist candidate declined the offer.

The president of PSOE in Madrid, Rafael Simancas, made clear that the possibility of an alliance with PP was out of the question.

“We will not support the continuity of right-wing policies in the city of Madrid,” he told the media.

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An official statement released Wednesday by PSOE also seemed to hint at the confirmation of an alliance with the left-wing Ahora Madrid.

The statement announced Antonio Miguel Carmona would be meeting with PP's Aguirre to discuss the new government in Madrid. The statement says he would then meet Manuela Carmena to resume the dialogue they had opened, which would continue over the following days.

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