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  • Fernandez was the most popular candidate in the province of Buenos Aires in the legislative primaries in August.

    Fernandez was the most popular candidate in the province of Buenos Aires in the legislative primaries in August. | Photo: @FerRaverta

Published 14 October 2017

The former Argentine President, now Senate candidate, blamed the current government for the increase in unemployment and inflation during its term.

Argentina's former President, now Senate candidate, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (CFK) on Friday accused the government of Mauricio Macri of ushering in an era of "looting" through billions of dollars of debt and increases in utility rates for Argentinians.

Cristina Fernandez Wins Primaries in Buenos Aires for Senate

During an event in the town of Mar del Plata, Fernandez addressed, to a crowd of thousands of people, the level of debt in the country since President Macri took office in December 2015.

"Where are the 106 billion dollars of debt that they took? Do they have it? The inflation rates increased because the owners of companies control the government, it is a looting, they are looters," said the Citizen Unity party candidate.

"I would like to hear how they are going to explain that after almost two years in office, inflation is higher than in 2015. Do TV programs ask about inflation? The permanent lie is supported by the media, "added the former president.

She also criticized the government's speech on raising tariffs on basic services and said that the country's oil production in the last 18 months has been "the lowest that it has been the last 27 years."

Fernandez has criticized the government's respect for freedom of expression in the past, saying that "I don't think there is space for journalistic work and free expression in Argentina, especially for those who do so thorough investigative journalism."

 Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner: Journalism, Free Expression Punished Under Macri

Fernandez has also raised the issue of money laundering schemes that are alleged to be surrounding those close to Macri, including family members of the president. 

Oct. 22 will mark the general legislative elections. Fernandez called on the support of the citizens to "convince each and every one that it is necessary to strengthen the force that won in the past and instituted good policies."

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