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  • Millions of women have benefitted under government healthcare programs.

    Millions of women have benefitted under government healthcare programs. | Photo: Reuters

Published 4 September 2017

Bolivia has some precedent-setting health care programs in place under President Evo Morales.

Bolivia has drastically reduced its infant mortality rate – by a staggering 52 percent between 2008 and 2016 – according to the country's health ministry.

Bolivia's 'My Health' Offers 8 Million Patients Free Healthcare

The ministry said Monday that the deaths of children under one year old in Bolivia has fallen from 50 to 24 per 1000 births.

It added that the percentage of pregnant women who were attended to during childbirth by healthcare personnel also increased from 71.1 percent in 2008, to 89.9 percent in 2016.

The government’s health department said that these achievements are due in part to the payments under the Juana Azurduy Bonus, an economic incentive program for pregnant women in the country.

Oscar Velasquez from the healthy ministry launches the Campaign to Prevent of Pregnancy in adolescents.

With this initiative, 1.7 million women have benefitted, with nearly 291,000 women also having been provided for under the system of universal prenatal care.

Moreover, the Ministry of Health has introduced the adolescent pregnancy prevention campaign, which has targeted more than 840,000 secondary school students in the nation.

Bolivia has some ground-breaking health care programs in place.

Under the country’s “My Health” program — launched by leftist President Evo Morales in June 2013 — all treatment is provided free of charge for residents in some of Bolivia’s poorest communities. The main beneficiaries are patients on low incomes who would otherwise not be able to pay to see the doctor and get prescription medication.

Over the last four years, doctors have seen more than 7.8 million patients and saved more than 17,000 lives.

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