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  • Front-runner Lenin Moreno will face off against opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso in a second round vote on April 2.

    Front-runner Lenin Moreno will face off against opposition candidate Guillermo Lasso in a second round vote on April 2. | Photo: Reuters

Published 27 February 2017

Leftist candidate Moreno will receive the support of grassroots organizations for the second round of elections.

After the general elections held Feb. 19 in Ecuador, the Coordinator of Social Movements, Communities and Nationalities, made of 1,200 groups nationwide, will support leftist candidate Lenin Moreno in his bid for president in the second round of elections, Ecuador's state media outlet El Telegrafo reported.

'In Second Round, We Will Defeat Them Again': President Correa

According to a report on the outcomes of a meeting last week, by supporting Lenin Moreno-Jorge Glas ticket for the ruling party Alianza Pais, each organization within the national umbrella coordinator will work within their local territories to present a unified front with proposals and projects for the next government.

They also aim to highlight the social and economic achievements under President Rafael Correa over the past 10 years and campaign for a continuation of the government's social policies.

Rodrigo Collaguazo, president of the coordinator and alternate lawmaker with the governing Alianza Pais party, told El Telegrafo that every region will have a socialization program to present their proposals. According to Collaguazo, this process is self-financed by each of the organizations and political groups that adhere to the process.

Collaguazo added the project will also declare a national emergency within the organizations to form a permanent assembly "to be alert and willing to defend democracy and peace in Ecuador," as the right-wing opposition has threatened to destabilize the country if its presidential candidate, former banker Guillermo Lasso and his vice president Andres Paez, don't win the election.

Groups in the national organization also want to travel and support Moreno and Glas "in all the events and meetings that they maintain anywhere in the country."

Victims of Ecuador Banking Crisis Slam Right-Wing Candidate

"Two different political, social and ideological projects are confronting one another," Collaguazo said of the political scenario. "The one of good living for all, led by the people and expressed in the candidacy of Moreno-Glas. The other, the one with lies, violence, and looting, expressed in Lasso-Paez."

With 99.93 percent of the counted votes, the National Electoral Council, or CNE, announced front-runner Moreno led the presidential race with 39.36 percent of the vote of more than 13 million voters. Right-winger Lasso came in second place, trailing behind Moreno by more than 10 percent with 28.09 percent.

The CNE plans to announce the official results on the president, vice president, National Assembly, Andean Parliamentary and referendum on Tuesday.

"We are meeting deadlines, ensuring transparency in the process, with the sole objective of respecting the will of the people," said CNE President Juan Pablo Pozo.

Although Moreno fell short of the 40 percent threshold needed to avoid a second round, Moreno received the highest percentage of the vote in the first round than any other president in Ecuador in past 40 years, with the exception of President Rafael Correa.

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