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A Mexican official said Trump lost his temper during the conversation, but U.S. officials described Trump as frustrated and exasperated.  Full Story

The president also addressed the "ridiculous, illegal" sanctions against the nation, describing the U.S.-led economic war as unprecedented in Venezuela's history. 

Full Story

El Salvador expressed its "surprise at the accusations" and called Trump's attention "to the historical reality of the relationship maintained by both nations."
Born in December 2015, Samuel and Ezequiel Nuñez Badilla weighed a total of 4,75 kg and were joined at the top of their skulls.
Radio Rebelde, the voice of the Cuban Revolution, began as a clandestine pirate radio station nestled in the Sierra Maestra Mountains in the eastern part of the island. 

Travelling in large trucks, the armed soldiers use the loudspeakers to relay a telephone number to report any type of suspicious activity.

The University of Brasilia released a statement saying that it repudiates the “attacks against public universities.”