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"Imagine you can't buy food and people can't buy basic goods because the company selling them could be sanctioned. That isolation... is a genocidal policy," President Lopez Obrador said.

Mark Esper's book reveals details of Washington's strategy to induce a change of government in those countries. Among the options was the assassination of President Nicolas Maduro.

Previously, former U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper assured that former President Donald Trump proposed to the opposition politician Juan Guaido to assassinate Nicolas Maduro.

Given the exclusion of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba, former Bolivian President Evo Morales acknowledged the decision of several Latin American leaders not to attend the next Summit of the Americas, to be held in Los Angeles, U.S., in early June.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry described the measures announced by the U.S. regarding migration as "a limited step", while clarifying that they do not modify in any way the "failed" policies of the U.S. against the island, according to a Monday communiqué from the diplomatic portfolio.

Mexican president Lopez Obrador has demanded the United States drop its policy of punishing countries that don't follow its lead in the region. 

Of the 222 victims of violence, 193 were threatened and 29 were murdered.

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