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Hundreds have called for the rescue of two people recently kidnapped in the region and for the bodies of the two murdered El Comercio journalists and their driver to be returned. Full Story

Latin America
The research, published in the science journal Nature, details that the circulation water in the Atlantic has been decreasing since the 1800s.
Ten political organizations participated in the review, including Progressive Advance, the party of Maduro's main opponent in the elections, Henri Falcon.
Supporters claim government reforms are better than proposals by the IMF and business sectors to raise the retirement age and duration of required contributions. 
The collection displays sexual scenes between a man and a woman, as well as allusions to the history of art in general.
In an open letter, the academics call on the European Union to "stop this repression, which represents an indelible and permanent stain on European democracy."
The U.S.-Israeli actress was scheduled to receive the Genesis Prize in Israel this June, but decided not to go citing "distress" over recent events.
The group declared a ceasefire in 2011 and handed over weapons caches in April 2017, bringing a close to Western Europe's last major armed insurgency.
"I would like to announce that Swaziland will now revert to its original name," King Mswati III said.
During Sunday's game, soccer player Agustin Orion turned to Chile University's Jean Beausejour and allegedly said: "Walk away, monkey."

"Do something good for the country.. and they still find a way to be negative smh Trinidad,” Michelle-Lee Ahye wrote on her Twitter account.

Pep Guardiola is a two-time Champions League, three-time La Liga, three-time Bundesliga and first-time Premier League-winning manager. 
“I always said a revolutionary wins or dies in the fight and Pep's idea remains unwavering.”
The festival will showcase almost a hundred feature films, documentaries, shorts, and talks with filmmakers over its 10-day run.
New York-based artist Glow looked for links between art, community, and technology within the intricate weaving techniques.