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(Photo: Banda El Recodo Facebook)

(Photo: Banda El Recodo Facebook)

Publicado 22 octubre 2014


Aldo Sarabia was found with a gunshot wound and bruises

Aldo Sarabia Garcia, tuba player for "El Recodo” band, who had been missing since October 13, was found dead Wednesday with a bullet wound in the neck and bruises in the Mexican resort city of Mazatlan.

He was last seen October 12, when the regional “banda music” group performed in San Juan, California, the next day he went missing.

Back then, Poncho Lizarraga, the band’s clarinetists declared: “We are shocked, because you can disappear for a day or two, maybe you can go on a bender, but knowing Aldo, that seems very strange to us. That’s why we are worried, very shocked, but we are also positive.”

Unfortunately, Sarabia was found dead Wednesday 2 am, thanks to an anonymous call. The police is investigating the case as a homicide.

The band posted at its Facebook account an statement mourning the death of their partner: “Aldo, although we are devastated by your loss, life urges us to be strong, and to find refuge in the beautiful moment we lived with you.”

The State of Sinaloa is often regarded as the cradle of Mexican cartels, for being the home State of the world’s must wanted drug lord, Joaquín Guzman “El Chapo,” who was captured in February.

Many regional musicians are killed by drug lords in the north of Mexico each year for writing popular songs praising drug cartels known as “narcocorridos.” And even though, El Recodo never wrote narcocorridos, and Lizarraga said that the band had never faced threats, the police presumes it was a drug cartels related crime.

“El Recodo” was a 15 member band, popular in Mexico and in the US by the Mexican immigrant communities.

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