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  • Costa Rica President swears in
Publicado 9 mayo 2014


New Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo​ was sworn in on Thursday morning.

Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis swore in on Thursday morning at a ceremony in the National Stadium of San Jose to replace first female head of the country, Laura Chinchilla.

Solis, from Citizen Action Party (PAC) won the first round on February 2nd and the second round on April 6th to finally win the elections with 77.8 per cent of the votes, becoming the candidate with the largest number of votes in the country’s history.

With his triumph, Solis was able to defeat ruling National Liberation Party (PLN), which has been in power for 15 periods since it was established in 1951, and it also ended an era of two-party system.

The 56-year-old social democrat takes over a country with severe infrastructure problems, a debt of 60 per cent of the GDP, growing social inequality and border tension with neighboring Nicaragua.

“I know I have a big responsibility, I hope not to disappoint those who have been and will continue being the permanent reference to my work, who are all the Costa Rican people, so I feel very happy because it is also my birthday,” Solis said during his inauguration speech

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