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  • What Does a Terrorist Look Like in Venezuela?
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Not all opposition protesters are peaceful, a fact that the corporate media intentionally overlooks.

What does a terrorist look like in Venezuela?

A massive social media campaign swept Twitter Saturday morning as Venezuelans took to the site to share images of what a terrorist looks like in the country. The tweets highlighted the faces of right-wing opposition factions that participate in the widespread violence including destruction of public property, attacking Bolivarian National Guards, and the infamous feces filled containers flung at protests recently.

These were some of the images shared:

Caption: “They don’t believe in dialogue, but instead in how to get to power ignoring the will of the people.”

Caption: “They murder their own followers and make believe that the people are their adversaries.”

Many of the post shared beliefs and contradictions the right-wing blatantly holds while protesting the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Caption: “Their objective is to destroy public and private property." Caption: “They don’t care that people have to go to work.”

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