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  • Virgin Islands Public Safety Minister Steadroy

    Virgin Islands Public Safety Minister Steadroy 'Cutie' Benjamin has described the homicides as "vampiric." | Photo: Antigua News Room

Published 27 December 2017

Two water bottles filled with what appeared to be blood were found in the vicinity of the suspect's Virgin Islands home.

The grisly case of a suspected 'vampiric' serial killer who drinks the blood of his victims is continuing as 23-year-old Delano Forbes is charged with the murders of two more victims in the Virgin Islands.

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Two water bottles filled with what appeared to be blood were found by police in the vicinity of Forbes' home. Shawn Henry and Lisue 'Dirty' Williams are the latest names to be added to the growing list of Forbes alleged victims.

According to reports, Henry is presumed to have been killed sometime in early May: his body was found with his throat slashed open in an abandoned home. Williams died of similar injuries and was discovered on February 21, outside the Industrial School for the Blind.

Public Safety Minister Steadroy Cutie Benjamin has described the homicides as "vampiric": he believes the suspect slashes the throat of his victims and then drinks their blood.

Police suspect Forbes is responsible for the murders of numerous "vagrants" across the islands in a killing spree that started in 2015.

Earlier this month, Forbes was charged with the murder of Wilfred 'Bongo' Williams after the victim's body was found stuffed in a locked outdoor latrine near his home in Swetes. He had been reported missing days before. Forbes had allegedly broken into William's home with the intention of robbing him. 

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Forbes was captured on December 19 in Swetes and taken to prison. Three homicide charges have since been added to his offenses as investigations continue.

"During the investigation, information received led to a search of the suspect's place of abode, and two small bottles of what appeared to be blood were found," Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Everton Jeffers said Friday.

Another victim was found in 2015 decomposing near Country Pond, although details have not been especially forthcoming.

"The police will be reviewing the evidence and statements collected so far and will update the public within the next week or so," Jeffers said.

Police are urging people to contact the Criminal Investigation Department with any information.

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