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Publicado 4 agosto 2014


The leaked cables date from 1980 to 2009.

New leaked documents revealed by Wikileaks on Monday show that Israel has been targeting Gaza's economy since the eighties, and the U.S. had full knowledge of the strategy. 

According to the documents, Israel's National Security Council calculated how much money they would permit enter the strip, with the intention of maintaining the economy at it's minimum capacity. 

“The NSC acts upon the belief that Gaza should receive enough money to cover basic needs of it's population, but it's not interested in letting Gaza's economy go back to a normal state” reads one of the documents.

Furthermore, the cables report on different issues, such as the destruction of U.N. centers in Gaza, the creation of Hamas, and the wars on Lebanon. 

Some of the cables describe the military strategy used by Israel of destroying complete towns, regardless of civilian population. 

In a meeting between the U.S. Embassy in Tel-Aviv and Israeli Commander Gadi Eisenkot, discussing on the attack on Dahiya (Lebanon), the latter assured the Embassy that their strategy was based on “causing great damage and destruction”, adding further that these were not “towns, they are military bases”.

According to one of the cables, the U.N. concludes that during the destruction of it's facilities in Gaza, “the IDF breached the inviolability and immunity of UN premises...the IDF did not take sufficient precautions to fulfill its responsibilities to protect UN property and personnel and civilians taking shelter therein”.

The leaks are being revealed as yet another U.N. administered school was destroyed yesterday by Israeli bombings, which have now killed over 1,800 Palestinians.

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