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A general view shows fire burning at a fuel depot near the airport road in Tripoli

A general view shows fire burning at a fuel depot near the airport road in Tripoli | Foto: REUTERS

Publicado 29 julio 2014


Islamist militants that have been fighting to take control over Tripoli’s international airport since July 11th, call a 24-hour truce to allow the Libyan fire fighters to extinguish a fire that began in a fuel depot near Tripoli.

​The fire began after a rocket hit the depot two days ago, as a result of the hostilities between islamist militants near Tripoli's international airport. The depot contains more than 90 million liters of oil. 

The Libyan authorities asked the leaders of the militants to call a truce so fire fighters can work to put the fire out. Italy’s government and the Italian oil group ENI said that they will send seven airplanes to help to extinguish it. 

Since the beginning of the attacks between former anti-Gadhafi militants that the Libyan government has failed to control, countries as China, UK, USA, France and Spain asked their citizens to leave the country, because of the increasing danger that Lybia will go to war one more time

Meanwhile, in Benghazi, the second most important Libyan city, 30 people were killed after Islamist fighters overran a major Libyan army base on Tuesday, after a fierce battle involving rockets and warplanes.

These battles have cause great instability in Libya, and have increase the fear of western countries that Lybian government will not be able to control the militants that once fought against Ghadafi, and that refuse to surrender and give away their weapons.


Libya War

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