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Farmers have been hardest hit by the drought in Inner Mongolia. (Reuters)

Farmers have been hardest hit by the drought in Inner Mongolia. (Reuters) | Foto: (Reuters)

Publicado 27 julio 2014


China's northern province of Inner Mongolia is struggling with its worst drought in years.

Authorities in the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia have warned that water shortages could affect tens of thousands of people. For months the province has been affected by a drought heralded as the worst in recent years. Millions of dollars of damage have already been caused by the drought, with farmers being hard hit, according to provincial authorities.

China's state news agency Xinhua has reported as many as 1.34 million head of cattle lack drinking water.

“Some 150,000 hectares of farmland and 16.4 million hectares of pastures have been affected,” Xinhua reported on Sunday.

However, Inner Mongolia isn't the only part of China struggling with water shortages.

The news agency also reported that Henan Province in central China is also suffering from a drought.

Yunnan Province in south west China has also been grappling with scare rainfall since the start of the year. Local reports indicate many of the province's smaller drinking water reservoirs. 

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