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Fecha de publicación 4 noviembre 2017 - 04:35 AM


   The Uralkuzhi waterfall near Pandithavalam behind Sannidhanam has turned a favourite spot for bath by the pilgrims who choose the traditional forest route through Sathram. The waterfall is one of the rivulets of Pampa, Kumbalathu Thodu, has also a role in the myth associated with Ayyappa.

Uralkuzhi which is about a kilometer from Sannidhanam got its name as it contains a pit like an ‘Ural’ (traditional stone grinder)? That can accommodate a man in the sitting posture. The pit was apparently formed with the stream of water falling in it constantly for hundreds of years.

   According to mythology, Ayyappa while returning after killing the mythical character Mahishi took bath at this waterfall and received ‘Brahmina Dhakshina’ from near a  spot at Pandithavalam. The pilgrims who follow the traditional path through Vandiperiyar – Sathram – Pulmedu ritually take bath there.

   The waterfall attracts pilgrims though the stream appears to be narrow and has less water. The pilgrims coming through the other routes also visit Uralkuzhi, and take bath before stepping down the hills. The waterfall became popular in the last four-five years.

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