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  • hilly areas prone to landslides
Fecha de publicación 30 octubre 2017 - 05:54 AM

             60 % areas in Idukki prone to landslides.

Over 60 % areas in Idukki prone to landslides according to geological Survey of India. TheThodupuzha is the only landslide free area in the district.

Waynad is the second landslide prone area and the coastal district of Alapuzha is the landslide free district according to the report.

The hilly regions of Kerala witness landslides during every rainy season from June to November. Although rainfall is the prime triggering factor for landslides in the state, the thickness of the veneer of soil and the steepness of slope also control the spatial distribution of landslides. The primary type of landslides occurring in Kerala is debris slide, though other kinds like debris flow and rock fall are also prevalent, the report adds. Further the report  indicates that the rocks in the state is only 50,000 years old. The deep soil  leading to parent  material is easily moved by landslides.

        The unscientific constructions in the valleys and hills will raise the chances of the landslides, Most of the buildings are constructed above the soil level which is also dangerous.

       Destruction of forests and unscientific construction activities are the main causes for the landslides in Idukki.   



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