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  • Zameen.com launches Pakistan’s first real estate index
Fecha de publicación 25 febrero 2016 - 05:58 AM

Pakistan’s top property portal Zameen.com has consolidated its position as the undisputed leader of the region’s property portal industry further by launching Zameen.com Property Index – a first for the country as well as the wider South Asian region.

With real-time, accurate data now simply a few clicks away, this index promises to be an invaluable tool for the discerning investor.

Traditionally, decisions regarding real estate have been clouded by speculation due to a dearth of complete, readily available information. With this development, that limitation is now a thing of the past. Investors can now analyse trends and track the performance of the real estate market over a period of time, going as far back as January 2011.

Zameen.com has painstakingly created the index with help from top professors at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). As with all indices, the information provided is expressed in terms of change from a base value, making patterns and trends evident for even the most novice investors. The index also tracks actual per-square-foot rates of properties

“At Zameen.com, we are dedicated to bringing everything related to Pakistani real estate within easy reach of all stakeholders. Investors have every right to make educated, informed decisions about real estate and we want to equip them with the appropriate tools to do so,” said Zameen.com Co-CEO Imran Ali Khan.

“We are proud to have created this incredible tool, and we are very cognizant of the fact that it will ultimately change the buyer or seller’s decision-making process completely, which will in turn alter the face of Pakistan’s real estate sector for the better,” he added.

Zameen.com was founded in 2006 by the Ali Khan brothers and has exhibited remarkable progression since then. Just recently, it closed its Series C funding round with a $20 million investment from one of its current investors, bringing the total funds raised in 6 months to $29 million. Today, the portal boasts 2.2 million listings, 3 million monthly visitors, and more than 500,000 subscribed members. With close to 8,000 real estate agencies working with Zameen.com, it towers above all others in the property portal industry of Pakistan.

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