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  • Interest free micro financing scheme
Fecha de publicación 28 octubre 2017 - 10:00 AM

 Interest free Micro financing scheme

Kerala state forest Department has introduced an interest free Micro financing scheme under its restructured  eco-tourism management fund to be generated from collection at eco-tourism centers.

  As per the scheme the members of Vana Samrakshan samithi or eco-development committees can avail loans upto Rs.5000/- to meet contingencies, Rs.500 for educational program, medical care and self employment. The micro-financing scheme will definitely serve the forest dependent communities from being fleeced by Money lenders. The scheme can be really a tool for transforming their lives said Prakriti Surksha and  additional principle chief conservator of forests.

The EMF will come handy for compensating deaths or injuries due to  attacks from wild animals. The fund will be readily available to meet such instances of man-animal conflicts Sree Vatsava said.

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