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Fecha de publicación 30 octubre 2017 - 06:09 AM

          A Forum has beem launched to facilitate the release of Indian citizens Languishing in foreign jails on varying charges.

          Members of the Forum christened the right of return, said that the new movement was primarly inspired by a Malayali School teacher K.K.Jayachandran being released from a Maldivian jail with the support of the public including the social media. The teacher was detained for nearly eight months in Maldives  on false charges. Right of retun comprises writers jounalists and right to information activists and aims to act as an active agent to release innocent people from foreign jails with the support of local authorities as well as Ministry of External affairs.

          The forums key objectives are collecting information of Indian citizens jailed in foreign nattions with the help of pravasi organisations and Social Media, identifying the most deserving victim after scrutinising the data, mobilising public opinion in favour of victims in their respective states, acting in a time bound manner for their release with the help of the authoriites besides International human rights organisations are some of the key objectives of the forum.




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