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  • Boosting water tourism
Fecha de publicación 30 octubre 2017 - 04:27 AM


Aim of project is to develop farm and aquatic initiatives in Malabar region

Water tourism is expected to get a boost in Kadalundi and Olavanna grama panchayats in the district, as ‘Jalayanam’, a project aimed at developing farm and aquatic tourism initiatives, is all set for launch next month.

The Mampuzha farm tourism project, a major component of the initiative, will be opened on September 27, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, in Olavanna grama panchayat. An aquagreen organic farm has been set up at Kambiliparamba, and a boat ride connecting the villages on the banks of Mampuzha will be part of the project.

N.Manoj Kumar block panchayat president, said that creation of jobs at the local level by conserving the water resources in the villages was their priority.  “Fresh water fish and sea fish are available in the region. And traditional industries such as coir, coconut, pottery, and bell metal are also there. Tourists, domestic and foreign, will have the facility to savor the fish varieties. They can also see the functioning of the traditional industries and buy wares of their choice,” he said.

The Kadalundi Vallikkunnu Community Reserve has mangrove forests and fish species. The bird sanctuary there is spread over various islets where the Kadalundi river meets the Arabian Sea.

A watch tower will be built on the pathway close to the sanctuary. “ Another area of priority will be aquatic and farm tourism. New methods in farming will be highlighted, which will also be aimed at conserving soil and water, Biodiversity parks two will be set up”, Mr.Manoj Kumar said.

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