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Located on a 3,000 meter-high mountain in Chile, the world's largest telescope is due to begin operating in 2024. Full Story

New Zealand has created new rocket legislation and set up a space agency in anticipation of becoming a low-cost space hub. Full Story

In Brian Foo’s 2015 data sonification of refugee migration, he used the United Nations data from 1975 to 2012, Foo allows musical notes to portray the size and distance of mass migrations around the planet. 
Facebook confirmed that it was using software to intercept graphic content before it went on the website, but it was still in its early stages.
The exhibition will remain on show until September at the Jade Museum in San Jose.
The team is working on a single-seater flying car.
T. rex possessed the greatest tooth pressure of any creature ever studied. Its bite force far exceeded that of any living creature.
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