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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines national sports program's vision will adapt for the rates at which an athlete matures rather than one based solely on age, among other things. Full Story

Messi is Barcelona's all-time top scorer and their highest paid player. He is expected to sign a new contract with the Catalan club later this summer. Full Story

This isn’t the first time the former soccer president has had trouble with the law.
Kanter, who returned to the U.S. via London after his release by Romanian authorities, said his worst fear was to be sent against his will to Turkey.
The Las Vegas showboat, as Agassi was known, has the influence of coaching elites Nick Bollettieri, Brad Gilbert and Darren Cahill to draw from.
The crimes, the lawsuit alleges, “were considered a 'bonding' experience for the football players” and that the university failed to investigate.
Lee said the sport was enjoying strong growth in Asia and was a plus for women in the region, where gender inequality persists in many countries.
Sharapova tested positive for heart disease drug meldonium at last year's Australian Open.
The morning session had been dominated by Pakistan, who made significant inroads towards a series win.
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