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Macri hopes to cut a deal with the U.S. to buy Argentina's largest batch of military equipment in the last 40 years. Full Story

Over the weekend, thousands of Dominican residents demonstrated against high-level corruption in the Caribbean nation. Full Story

U.S. invasions and interventions don't seem to bother the OAS too much.

The prisoners would be transferred to the luxurious Punta Penco, a special prison built in 1995 for human rights violators with tennis courts and rooftop terraces.
The result is now expected to force local authorities to prohibit mining in the town, according to lawyer Diana Rodriguez.
The right-wing presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso has handed out free bread and milk to voters, sparking debate in the days before the election.
"Almagro is a puppet of the United States," said Caracas resident Monica Toledo.
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