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Aid Workers

Aid Workers | Foto: Reuters

Publicado 7 agosto 2014


World Bank allocates $200 to West Africa with predetermined allocations.

The World Bank announced that it is allocating $200 million in emergency assistance for West African countries battling to contain the Ebola outbreak. Rather than allow African nations to make informed decisions about how to use the money in their own countries, the World Bank has created predetermined allocations.

The money is to be used to amp up health facilities, and support the economies of the countries while they combat the virus. It is to be distrubuted between the governments of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea as well as to the World Health Organization (WHO) .

With the news of possible vaccines such as the Zmapp drug used to treat two White American missionaries infected, many African nations have asked for the speical serum to be dispersed amoung infected populations. President Obama however, stated that the case of Ebola in Africa was too premature to disprese the vaccine.

The announcement came when health centres in Liberia's capital city of Monrovia shut down because medical personnel became too afraid to turn up to work.


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