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President Petro Poroshenko (Photo: AFP).

President Petro Poroshenko (Photo: AFP).

Publicado 26 octubre 2014


Ahead of Sunday's elections, the Ukrainian president published an open letter calling on voters to understand the polls as an opportunity to start anew.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko wrote an open letter published on Sunday, ahead of the country's parliamentary elections.

The president reviewed his campaign promises and his fulfillment of them throughout his government, and vowed to continue the changes.

Poroshenko urged his followers to view the parliamentary elections as an opportunity to restart the county, and to transform the current parliament.

“It's time to complete a full reset of power. I believe in a deep upgrade and rejuvenation of the Parliament. You'll see, it will be a radically new Parliament,” the letter read.
Despite the president abstained from promoting specific candidacies, he made clear that a coalition agreement was already underway.

“My team has already prepared a draft coalition agreement. It is based on "Strategy 2020". This is a plan of changes we have developed. Its implementation will ensure the introduction of European standards and decent place of our country in the world. By 2020, Ukraine should be ready to apply for a membership in the European Union”. 

Currently, Poroshenko has governed under a political alliances with several right-wing parties which dominate the Parliament, but the alliance broke when Arseniy Yatsenuik – Prime Minister, member of the Fatherland Party – decided to resign in July, after differences with other coalition members.

The Ukrainian president also appealed in his letter to critics of the peace-talks being held with the rebel forces. Several protest have taken place ahead of the elections by far-right parties and movements calling for a stronger stance from Kiev against the eastern rebels.

“Decision on ceasefire was beneficial first of all for the defense capacity. We healed wounds, summoned human resources, delivered weapons and equipment, built fortifications. All armored tank plants work under the three-shift schedule. Now we are much stronger than 1.5 month ago. God forbid, but they will regret if they attack,” Poroshenko wrote. 

The parliamentary elections in Ukraine are regarded by some analysts as an opportunity for the growing far-right to gain more power in the political arena.

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