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carlos morales, wikicommons

carlos morales, wikicommons

Publicado 23 junio 2014


The Central American Regional Integration System (SICA in Spanish) will be meeting on Friday in Punta Cana, a popular touristic destination in Dominican Republic.

The summit's agenda will incorporate regional issues which haven't been disclosed yet. During the summit, the provisional presidency – which is held by the host country – will be assigned to Belice.

The summit will count with participation of regional and extra-regional observers, like the European Union, Turkey, Morroco and New Zealand.

Regional permanent observers of SICA such as the United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Chile, and others, are also expected to send representatives.

For the Dominicans, the summit has a high relevance given that they will expose the advancements in the integration process under their presidency.

Carlos Morales, the Dominican Chancellor, said that their presidency “focused on reducing asymmetries and promoting the concentration and convergence between Central America and the Caribbean”.  

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