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Mercosur heads of State meeting in 2010 (Photograph: Reuters).

Mercosur heads of State meeting in 2010 (Photograph: Reuters).

Publicado 28 julio 2014


Different social movements are requesting the Mercosur foreign relations ministers to suspend the free trade agreement with Israel.

In a letter addressed to Mercosur's foreign relations ministers Héctor Timerman (Argentina), David Choquehuanca (Bolivia), Luiz Alberto Figueiredo (Brasil), Eladio Lozaiga (Paraguay), Luís Almagro (Uruguay), Elìas Jaua (Venezuela), social organizations are asking Mercosur to suspend it's free trade agreement with Israel.

“We must underscore that our request […] is based on the flagrant violation of Human Rights which the State of Israel is committing in the Gaza Strip, in the State of Palestine, which can be considered war crimes and/or crimes against human humanity” reads the letter.

Over 15 social movements from Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela are signing the letter, urging the South American block to implement measures against Israel.

“One of the essential conditions which the block [Mercosur] must take into consideration for approving free trade agreements should be the respect of human rights by Latin American states and foreign states”.

The Mercosur presidents will be meeting tomorrow in Caracas, and they will discuss the situation in Gaza as part of their agenda.

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