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Jerry Brown urges to approve inmigrant reform.

| Foto: Reuters

Publicado 29 julio 2014


During the press conference held by Mexico's Foreign Minister, Jose Antonio Meade and California Governor Jerry Brown Jr., the governments demanded a humanitarian approach to the problem of

unaccompanied migrant children, and rejected the use of military or public forces and  the National Guard in Texas.


Mexican minister Meade emphasized during the visit of governor Jerry Brown Jr., that the lack of an immigration reform with the the United States is leaving millions of people on the uncertainty, and that border troops will be only welcomed for children protection.


In press conference before a dinner with that  the U.S. ambassador in Mexico, Anthony Wayne offered in his honor at the Soumaya Museum Press, the democrat governor Brown highlighted migrants economic and cultural contribution, in California and affirmed  that without this contribution, all country feeding will have to be changed.


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