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Blood and and discarded belongings are left behind at a UN school in Gaza. (Photo: AP)

Blood and and discarded belongings are left behind at a UN school in Gaza. (Photo: AP)

Publicado 30 julio 2014


Intense Israeli attacks continue on Gaza with 23 killed in a shelling of UNRWA school used as a refugee centre, with Wednesday's death toll standing at 43 already.

On Wednesday an Israeli shell has hit a Palestinian refugee agency girls school killing at least 23 people according to new reports from Al Jazeera.

This brings the toll on Wednesday already to 43, and the total number of Palestinians killed in the conflict at 1,263, most of them civilians. On the Israeli side, 53 soldiers and three civilians have been killed since the start of the Israeli attack on July 8.

AFP had previously given the death toll as 16, from the shelling on Jabaliya refugee camp as confirmed by the UN.

Many Palestinians have taken shelter in UNRWA schools after warnings by the Israeli army that their cities would be subject to bombings. There is an estimated 180,000 people living in 83 schools run by the UNRWA.

Hamas have said the will reject a ceasefire while Israeli attacks continue, and until the blockade of Gaza is lifted.

The chief of the Brigades Ezedin Qasan, Mohamed Deif, said that Hamas will not accept "ceasefire while maintaining the aggression and lift the siege.”

The attack comes after one of the bloodiest days on the Gaza strip, with over 100 killed on Tuesday as Israeli artillery attacks have increased since Monday. This includes the destruction of Gaza's only power plant.

Nearly a third of the casualties have been children.

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