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children immigrants, reuters

children immigrants, reuters

Publicado 19 junio 2014


In light of the recent wave of Central American migrant children across the United States/Mexico border, Honduran president has decided to ask the U.S. not to send any children back to Honduras. Over the last year 75 percent of migrants who have crossed the border have been from Central America. It is predicted that by the end of 2014 60,000 more children may arrive. 

Many children have entered without official papers attempting to find their parents or family members living in the U.S. Children who are caught by police or border patrol authorities are housed in warehouses until they are processed and released into child welfare facilities. 
Chancellor Mireya Aguero Corrales instructed the Honduran Embassy in Washington to work on a proposal to the U.S. government for the children to remain in the U.S. "If we are talking of the principle of family reunification, why not reunite them in the United States?" she said, according to a news release from the Foreign Ministry.

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