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Argentine foreign minister, Hector Timerman. (Photo: Archive)

Argentine foreign minister, Hector Timerman. (Photo: Archive)

Publicado 29 julio 2014


As the deadline for payment approaches, Argentina asks that the Latin American community stand behind them in their fight against international capital.

At Monday's meeting of foreign ministers of the Common Market of the South, (Mercosur) the Argentine foreign minister, Hector Timerman stressed the importance of consolidating the unity of the peoples of Latin America before the interests of international capital, referring to the situation of Argentina against vulture funds.

“The actions of vulture funds should mobilize us all to work decisively, jointly and in a coordinated manner,” he said

He went on to thank the Venezuelan government, “Argentina is under attack from the vulture funds, but on its side in the fight it has the Bolivarian people and (Venezuelan) President Nicolas Maduro”, he said during a ceremony commemorating the birthday of the late Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez

Argentine lawyers will meet on Tuesday in the United States with the mediator in last minute talks to try and reach a deal to avoid possible default on the 31st of July.

Argentina has always maintained that it is committed to paying back the negotiated debt, but it has been blocked by the U.S. judge Greisa. On Monday, the nation paid the Paris club US$642 million, the first payment as part of the debt it has with the club of creditor nations.

Timerman will also accompany President Cristina Fernandez on Tuesday at the 46th Mercosur Summit, in which Venezuela will pass on the presidency of Mercosur to Argentina.

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