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Publicado 17 junio 2014


Brazil offered Angola $USD 2 billion credit for the nation´s energy sector. 

On Monday Brazil offered Angola a $USD 2 billion credit line for use in the nation's energy sector. This is in addition to bilateral trade between the two countries that amounts to around $USD 2 billion.

The Portuguese speaking nation is rebuilding after the devastating 27 year civil war that ended in 2002 and is Africa's second biggest producer of oil.

The Brazilian company Odebrecht is Angola´s biggest private employer. And numerous other Brazilian companies are already involved in the energy and construction sector in Angola.

Angolan finance minister Armando Manuel said that the new deal "makes it clear that there is a growing link between the two countries."

Brazil has also supported Angola's bid for a UN security council non permanent seat in 2015.

Plans also call for the signing of a visa exemption agreement to facilitate movement of the two countries’ citizens, particularly entrepreneurs seeking partnerships, reducing the paperwork involved in travel.

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff stated that “Angola might offer an attentive eye and balanced alternatives to the current challenge of peace and international security”, reflecting the nature of the new multi-polar world.

But Brazil is not the only one competing for Angolan business. Angola is already receiving $13.4 billion in loans from China, who buys nearly half of Angola's oil. The US also has links with Angola, and has financed a deal for Angola to buy $1 billion of railway and energy equipment from General Electric.

Both former Portuguese colonies believe that Africa and Latin America need to be better represented in the global decision making process.

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