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  • she lodges for travelling women
Fecha de publicación 2 noviembre 2017 - 06:20 AM

She lodges’ in all cities for travelling women

Sage lodging, food at moderate for students women

          Kudumbasree  and local self governments are launching a joint initiative to launch ‘She lodges’ in all cities.

          The aim is to provide safe lodging and food at moderate rate for students and women travelling to cities for various requirements.

          The project has been launched on November 1. The decision was taken at a meeting convened by the Planning Board of 17 local bodies, Social Justice Department and Kudumbasree, for the coordination of the scheme. All facilities, where women can stay without any safety or security concerns. The local bodies will be in charge fo the building, infrastructure, and functioning of the establishments.


Funds for the project are expected to be mobilished from plan funds through project proposals or by including it in the Centrally sponsored National Urban Livelihood  Mission, being implemented through Kudumbasree. Co-operation and coordination of various government departments would be enlocate more funds for the project.

          Kudumbasree will be in charge of preparing the project guidelines and a business model.

          The ‘She lodges’ will be run by Kudumbasree and all employees required for running such establishments will also be selected and trained from the Kudumbasree network .

          Creation of a separate website and official logo, on-line booking, housekeeping, office administration, food and safety, will all be taken up through a centralized system.


she lodges

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