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  • khan menon-a surprising name
Fecha de publicación 30 octubre 2017 - 06:02 AM

          Menon is a surname familiar to Keralities, but this khan Menon combo is a little surprising CPM , Ernakulam district Secretary P.Rajeev told Rached Khan Menon quizzically.

          Khan menon the Chairman of the workers party of Bangladesh, a communist party and the country’s Minister for civil Aviation and Tourism beamed an endearing smite and told Mr.Rajeev that his father Abdul Jabbar khan and a staunch fan of former of Indian Defence Minister V.K.Krishna Menon and was fond of addressing his son as Menon.

          The nickname stayed and was officially added to Mr.Khans name on record over a period of time Mr.Khan Menon is among the 13 foreign delegates taking part in the communist and left parties of South Asia summit in Ernakulam.

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