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  • Students for a Democratic Society to hold National Demand Affirmative Action Day Events
Fecha de publicación 2 diciembre 2015 - 07:33 PM

Students for a Democratic Society to hold National Demand Affirmative Action Day Events

On Thursday, December 3rd, at 3 PM, Students for a Democratic Society chapters and affiliates will be holding events including demonstrations, banner drops, and teach-ins in support of affirmative action on campuses including University of South Florida, West Chester University, University of Wisconsin, University of Texas, and Florida State University.

This national day of action is leading up to the start of a Supreme Court case on December 9th. The Court has decided to take a second look at the Fisher v. University of Texas case, which deals with the legality of the Affirmative Action program used in the University of Texas system. However, the decision made in this case will decide the fate of affirmative action programs in colleges and universities across the United States.

Students for a Democratic Society is calling from the continuation and expansion of Affirmative Action programs where they exist, and the implementation of new programs in states where affirmative action is banned. SDS is also calling for the end of legacy preferences and entrance exams, policies responsible for racial discrimination in college admissions. SDS calls for these policies to increase college and university enrollment of African American, Latino, Indigenous, and other oppressed nationality students who continue to face racial discrimination.

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