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  • American Cuba Expert Daniel Bruno Wrote Obama´s Cuba Strategy Back in 2009.  In 2016, SwiftCoin Can Help Overcome the Blockade
Fecha de publicación 18 marzo 2016 - 02:37 PM

Daniel Bruno´s book Cuba at a CrossRoads, The New American Strategy


was accepted into the Library of Congress in 2010.  Excerpts were sent to members of the House that same year.  Daniel Bruno´s landmark book explores the close family ties binding Fidel Castro and strident Cuban-American exiles such as Lincoln Diaz-Balart .  Daniel Bruno´s thesis is that the U.S. embargo on Cuba is an industry that needs Castro in power to remain profitable while the Castro brothers could not remain in power without the U.S. embargo.


www.SwiftCoin.club Brings the First Digital Currency to Cuba

SwiftCoin is the block chain decentralized currency created by Team Daniel Bruno.   It is ideal for trade, resolving the problem of banking and conversion of currencies into paper money regardless of location, including Cuba.  Hundreds of Cubans have downloaded the free SwiftCoin wallet from www.SwiftCoin.club since January, 2016.


Similar to a franchise, the SwiftCoin Club is a decentralized network of tellers who set their own exchange rates to convert SwiftCoin into any paper currency or unit of value.    Barriers to entry are low but a vetting process and reputation system promote competetive dealing.

www.SwiftCointalk.org offers a wealth of formerly secret documents, guides and contact lists for venture capitalists looking for partners in Cuba.  http://www.swiftcointalk.org/index.php/topic,2114.msg3670.html#msg3670

Daniel Bruno has written papers on the economics of digital currencies http://www.swiftcointalk.org/index.php/topic,2062.0.html
 and commodity trading.  His 2015 paper SwiftCoin for Oil explores disrupting the petro dollar

In 2016, the John McAfee $10,000 SwiftCoin Challenge was announced.   The prize is payable to any hacker who can break SwiftCoin, steal SwiftCoin or read John McAFee SwiftMail sent from one wallet to another.   SwiftCoin and SwiftMail use the same software.

In 2007 Daniel Bruno, a Chartered Market Technician, pioneered the use of econometrics to predict presidential elections.  His 2007 book Why Obama Will Win in 2008 and 2012 showed that Obama would become U.S. president even before he had been nominated by the Democratic Party.  The success of the outlier candidate, Obama, was foretold by deflationary cycles.  The book also predicted the rise of Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Chelsea Clinton in the future.


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