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  • A worker with a mask with the U.S. and Colombian flags painted on it protests in Plaza Bolivar in Bogota, Colombia.
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    A worker with a mask with the U.S. and Colombian flags painted on it protests in Plaza Bolivar in Bogota, Colombia.

Ahead of a revamp of Plan Colombia on its 15th anniversary, teleSUR looks at the original deal and how it has ravaged Colombia, with hopes that version 2.0 does not make the same mistakes.

Almost as many people have been displaced in Colombia as in Syria. Some of that violence has been caused by the implementation of the United States' Plan Colombia "aid" package, which has funded an unfettered militarization of Colombia since 2000. 

Plan Colombia is a counternarcotics and counterinsurgency military aid package launched by then U.S. President Bill Clinton. Its legacy is massacres, mass graves, and death squads. 

On the 15th anniversary of the plan, Feb. 4, 2016, the current U.S. president, Barack Obama, is announcing a revamped version of it, meeting with Colombian President Santos for talks. 

The United States' contribution of military personnel and billions of dollars to fight Colombia's drug trade and contribute to security to counter the internal conflict with rebel guerrillas has coincided with an increase in violence and an unfettered militarization — conspicuous as some three-quarters of Plan Colombia’s aid money has gone toward funding the military and local police.

Plan Colombia's legacy will now be entrenched in the violence, deaths and forced disappearances that already existed in high numbers because of the ongoing civil war between the Colombian army, paramilitary troops and guerrilla fighters.

Plan Colombia: Blood Money

If You Only Read One Thing...

United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) paramilitaries patrol a small village. The AUC have been responsible for torture, extrajudicial killings, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Wages of Plan Colombia Have Been Death

By Daniel Kovalik

In Colombia, the majority of victimization occurred after 2000, peaking in 2002 at 744,799 victims. It is not coincidental that "Plan Colombia," or "Plan Washington" as many Colombians have called it, was inaugurated by President Bill Clinton in 2000, thus escalating the conflict to new heights and new levels of barbarity. READ MORE


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