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    People fill Madrid's landmark Puerta del Sol as they gather at a rally called by Spain's anti-austerity party Podemos (We Can) in this panoramic photo January 31, 2015

On May 24, municipal elections were held across Spain, along with regional elections in 13 of the 17 autonomous communities. The electoral contest was an important barometer of public opinion just months ahead of December’s general election.

Spain Decides: Minute by Minute updates

The elections were viewed as an important barometer of voter sentiment before the December general elections. Read More Here.

Prospects and Outcomes for the Left

Jacobo Garcia, activist for Podemos and political advisor to the Alianza Pais party in Ecuador, spoke to teleSUR about the outcomes for this election and the rupture emerging in Spain's two-party system, as well as the divisions and possibilities of unity among the left in Spain.

Spain's Social Crisis

Unemployment and Labor Strife

Unemployment, especially among youth, has been on the rise and now stands at 25 percent for the general population and over 56 percent for youth. Moreover, job actions have been on the rise since the Rajoy government has been looking to force concessions on unions.

Unemployment Continues Growing in Spain

​Spain's Court Voids Layoffs at Coca-Cola Bottler

Cuts and Austerity

In Barcelona, over a thousand people took to the streets to protest the new 3+2 Decree that shortens university education. The new system reduces the number of years for obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from 4 to 3 years and a Master’s Degree from 2 to 1 year. Many students say the reforms will only benefit wealthy families and place a greater burden on those who want to pursue a graduate degree.

Crack down on Civil Liberties

​The Spanish parliament passed the controversial "Gag Law" aimed at restricting protests. Among its measures, the new law forbids photographing police and bans protests outside parliament. Critics charge that the law limits civil rights.

Home Evictions

In Spain, hundreds of tenants are evicted by police from their apartments and homes each day for falling behind on rent or mortgage payments.

Mass Poverty

The combination of cuts and unemployment has pushed over 11 million Spaniards into poverty.

​Widespread Corruption

The country has been marred with numerous corruption scandals at the highest levels of the Rajoy government.

Spain Accuses Ex-IMF Director Rodrigo Rato of Fraud

Spain Considered the Most Corrupt Country in Europe

TeleSUR Exclusive: Interview with Podemos leader, Pablo Iglesias

A few before the Spanish regional elections, Tariq Ali spoke with Pablo Iglesias, General Secretary of Podemos, about the strengths and weaknesses of the party, and the litmus test the elections were likely to be for this young left­-wing political party.


Massive Anti-austerity Protests Support Podemos party

In Spain tens of thousands marched in support of anti-austerity Podemos party, whose going popularity in policies that have been likened to those proposed by the greek party Syriza recently elected.

New Hope for Spain?

Tariq Ali talks to the writer and Podemos activist, Luke Stobert, about the origins and rise of the new left­-wing Spanish party Podemos. They discuss some of the strategies of Podemos to counter the difficult political and social situation Spain finds itself in today.

The Podemos Phenomenon

The new left-wing party has broken into the Spanish political scene in a big way, barely a year after it was founded. TeleSUR has been following the developments in Spain and the surge in support for the group among dissenchanted voters.

Spanish Elections: Can Podemos Win?

Spain's Podemos Co-Founder and Leader Resigns Amid Divisions

​Spanish Podemos Party Would Win Elections if Held Today

​Podemos Closes Campaign Ahead of Regional Elections in Spain

Podemos Becomes Third Political Force in Andalusia


Political Campaigns Matter: A Lesson on Trust for Left Parties by Eugene Nulman

For smaller political parties, trust has to be earned. A good platform is not going to cut it.

Podemos: The Beginning of the End of Spain's Two-Party System by Roberto García-Patrón García-Fraile

When we started the social movement of the indignados in Madrid in May 2011, we never expected the end of the two-party political system in Spain.

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Spain PODEMOS United Left PP

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