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  • The Left across the globe awaits Greece
    In Depth

    The Left across the globe awaits Greece's election results on Sunday.

In the lead-up to the Greek snap elections, teleSUR offers an in-depth analysis of the current political situation in the country. 


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Greece – Syriza and beyond

Greece has had a turbulent year. From euphoric elections voting in the Syriza party to battle austerity, to crushing defeats at the feet of European bankers, the people have suffered through economic crisis and record numbers of immigrant refugees, stretching resources and the abilties of politicains to their limits.

Syriza Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned amid a confidence crisis, the country gained its first female premieralbeit an interim one – and Syriza snapped in half ahead of snap elections when members frustrated with Tsipras s decision to stay within the eurozone broke away.

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Since calling the new election in August, the mood of the Greek electorate has undergone a tectonic shift, and the outcome of the vote is now an open question. Polls put Syriza in a dead heat with the right-wing New Democracy, and its unclear which way the tables will turn on September 20. READ MORE

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teleSUR’s Opinion Writers

John Pilger, Walden Bello, Alex Andreou, Jerome Roos, Marina Sitrin, Joe Emersberger, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Preeti Kaur, David Marty, Michael Albert, Jack Rasmus and Leo Panitch are just some of the people writing for teleSUR about Greece. Scroll through the list below to see their articles.

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Greece Elections Syriza

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