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  • The decision to remove teleSUR from Argentina
    In Depth

    The decision to remove teleSUR from Argentina's airwaves has been met with widespread criticism.

Critics have warned that Argentina's decision to pull teleSUR from its airwaves is nothing more than an example of old fashioned media censorship.

Silencing a Channel Reaching 80% of Argentines

Human Rights Activists Condemn the Decision

A wide range of politicians, intellectuals and journalists have strongly spoken out against the decision by the government of Mauricio Macri to effectively take regional news broadcaster teleSUR off the air in Argentina. Nobel laureate Perez Esquivel said that Argentina would suffer from a lack of information and criticized Macri's undermining of the country's media law. “What worries us is that it would be a huge loss for everything teleSUR represents … the (private) media does not do a good job of informing the public,” said Perez Esquivel. Read more here

While the Argentine Human Rights organization, HIJOS, which is comprised of the children of people who were disappeared during the country's military dictatorship said the move "fundamentally represents an act of censorship.”
Read more here

Social Movements Warn of Macri Government Censorship

ALBA was proposed by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as an alternative to the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas in 2004.

The Assembly of Social Movements for ALBA has defended teleSUR as a regional source of alternative news to counterbalance mainstream media. The social movements described the decision as "a clear violation of freedom of expression,” in a statement released on March 29. Read more here

teleSUR Rejects Threat to Shut Down Its Argentina Broadcast

teleSUR President Patricia Villegas address the remarks made by the Macri government.

Argentine President Maurico Macri's administration has "an open interest in disappearing teleSUR," a statement from the channel said, adding that that any action to close down its correspondent centre in the country would be an act of "open illegality" tantamount to "persecution." teleSUR asked whether "Is it Macri's intention to silence critics of his government?" Read more here

Read the full teleSUR response to the decision, "They Cannot Make the Truth Disappear, They Cannot Make teleSUR Disappear."

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