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  • A man waves the Palestinian national flag as he marches with a demonstration.
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    A man waves the Palestinian national flag as he marches with a demonstration.

On Nov. 29 cities across the world mark the day of International Solidarity with the Palestinian people created by the United Nations. For years, countries and social movements around the world, notably in Latin America have expressed passionate support for Palestinians living under occupation.

But this Nov. 29th, teleSUR English takes a deeper look at what it means to have solidarity between with Palestine and its people. Journalist Mohamed Hemish looks at if solidarity amid years of Israeli occupation and international complicity is really just symbolic gesture than a concrete action.

Writer and researcher on race and gender, Zoe Samudzi looks at what makes true effective solidarity between Black folks and Palestinians in the U.S.

While, long-time international solidarity activist Noura Khouri examines why international solidarity actions and alliances must advocate for the unification of the Palestinian working class with other justice movements, like #BlackLivesMatter, Indigenous people’s struggles, and border and migrant justice as observers speculate a new Intifada might be on the horizons.

Is International Solidarity Now Just a Symbolic Gesture?

 Is International Solidarity Now Just a Symbolic Gesture? Source: Reuters

By Mohamed Hemish

​“The UN and a number of its member states use symbolic gestures, like the day of solidarity, to distract attention from their failure to apply actual sanctions in response to Israel's crimes,” Journalist Joe Catron told teleSUR English.  Read More.

A Call for Solidarity with Palestine and the World's Oppressed

By Noura Khouri​

“Israel is perfecting surveillance, and one of the top occupation profiteers, through the surveillance of the Palestinian people. Using knowledge and expertise gained from assisting in the occupation of Palestinians, the Israeli defense systems company, Elbit, has made millions exporting surveillance worldwide – and increasingly in Latin America. While, Israel’s role in arming dictators and oppressive regimes in Latin America during the last century is well documented, Elbit, is at the forefront of a new growing movement working in at least five Latin American countries, as well as along the U.S.-Mexico border.” Read More.


Black-Palestinian Solidarity: Beyond Concepts of Natural Allies

By Zoe Samudzi​, republished from Truthout

Througout the recent years there have been a number of comparisons between the plights of Palestinians and Black people in the United States. But can true solidarity exist between Black folks and Palestinians in the U.S. without addressing global anti-blackness? Read More.

Latin America Stands with Gaza

Lessons From Arafat on Defying Settler Colonialism

By Magid Shihade 

Fatah and Arafat called for resistance to Israeli settler colonialism in Palestine hoping that a liberated country could emerge. Read More.

5 Acts of Latin American Solidarity with Palestine


As the world commemorates the United Nations’ International Day for Solidarity with Palestinians, it is important to remember that many countries in Latin America have been some of the most vocal supporters of Palestine and its people. Read More.

Infographic on 2014 Gaza War


WATCH: The Global African - Black, Palestinian Solidarity

WATCH: The Empire Files: The Distortion & Death Behind Israel/Palestine Coverage

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