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Seventy mayors have recieved death threats and three have been murdered in the last 30 days.
The agreements were made possible after a working meeting between Kuczynski and Xi during the visit of the latter to Peru for the APEC forum.
The alternative conference, which includes around 500 labor leaders from around the country, blasted APEC for being too top-down.
The government admitted several hospitals are in economic crisis but no new funding has been approved.
Community leaders say this is the tenth oil spill reported since the start of 2016.
But could his win spark a wave of anti-imperialism across the continent?
The decision to take to the streets was sparked by the selection of three people very close to Fujimorismo to the board of the Central Reserve Bank. The march will be one of several protests igniting across the country as the honeymoon with the new government seems to be coming to and end.  
Three people have now died as a result of the social conflicts which erupted since President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski took office.
Oligopoly of pharmacies coordinated to raise the prices of dozens of common medicines to the detriment of society's poorest.
Six of the largest Peruvian companies have their investments highly interwoven with international capital.